Frequently Asked Questions

How many total guests can Breakaway Lodge hold in the dining hall and in the dorms?
A total of 62 people can be comfortably hosted in Breakaway Lodge. We do have accommodations for an overflow of 80.

Is there a minimum reservation number required?
For weekend use of the property, Breakaway Lodge requires a minimum of 44 full-paying guests. For mid-week groups, the minimum is 22 full-paying guests. You may bring fewer guests, but please be prepared to pay for the stated minimum.

What is the responsibility of the group regarding work crew?
Work crew provides support services for the camp in food service and other areas. Please bring a ratio of one work crew person for every 15 guests, including at least one work crew supervisor. Work crew members need to be the same people for the entire stay; please do not rotate work crews. Work crew will not be charged a camp fee, although if the minimum reservation is not met Breakaway Lodge will include work crew in the total camp fee.

Will each guest need to bring a "bed roll"?
Each guest will need to provide a sleeping bag and pillow or the equivalent. Guests also should bring their own towels. We do not provide linens. We suggest a separate towel for the beach.

What if we provide our own meals?
Breakaway Lodge staff will provide excellent meals prepared just for you. Fresh baked bread, cookies and cakes are prepared every weekend. Generally, this can be provided much more economically than a group mustering resources and buying groceries for one weekend. However, if catering your own meals fulfills one of the goals for your stay (e.g. adult involvement and exposure), arrangements can be made for self-catering. At least one working cook needs to have a valid Oregon Food Handlers Card (available online for about $30 and an hour of your time). You may bring extra snacks and refreshments for your groups.

I am ready to reserve a week/weekend ... what is my next step?
Contact our office. Once an available week/weekend has been agreed upon, the office will send out a contract. The groups needs to sign the contract and send a $400 deposit. Once this is complete, you will be sent a Camp Manager Packet. This contains detailed information about your stay at Breakaway Lodge.  

What staffing is the group responsible for providing?
Groups staying three nights or more are required by state law to provide for emergency medical services (e.g. Emergency First Responder, EMT, Paramedic, Nurse or Doctor). You will need to provide a certified lifeguard if you will be swimming in the ocean or doing water activities. (A certificate will be required upon arrival.) Young Life groups do not swim at Gearhart Beach due to hazardous conditions; we recommend other groups do likewiese. We can suggest safer beaches in the area.

What is the group expected to help clean up at the end of the week/weekend?
Clean-up includes removal of personal items and trash from all rooms, vacuuming the lodge, sanitizing and sweeping/mopping bathroom floors including other miscellaneous tasks. Groups will be responsible for leaving the Lodge in the same condition as was found upon arrival. This can take 30-60 minutes depending on the group.

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