Intern Opportunities

During our summer months we have an opportunity for four young adults to work at Breakaway Lodge
Being an intern is hard work but is also full of rewards. You can be a role model to kids of someone who loves the Lord and loves serving. You are also an example to others who have never had someone willing to listen and care for them. If you are a young adult who is excited to see kids grow and learn about the Lord, please consider an internship at Breakaway Lodge. It will be a summer full of hard work, great community, loving friends, and an opportunity to grow your faith.

Food Service Interns

During our summer months we have an opportunity for two young adults to work in our kitchen running meals and directing the work crew of 5-6 high schoolers.

Emergency Medical Service Intern

The minimum qualification for our EMS Intern is Emergency First Responder, but other qualifications include EMT, Paramedic or Nurse.

Recreation Specialist Intern

During the summer, we haul a lot of equipment to the lake and beach. The "Rec Tech" get it all ready to go and brings it back again. They ensure it is cleaned and ready to go again and again. They will need to possess or secure an Oregon Boater's Safety Card. The Rec Tech also partners with Young Life Assigned Teams to prepare for events.


Apply Online. You will need your local Young Life area's office number, a staff person's email and references available to complete this application.  


Email or Call us, we are excited to hear from you!
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