History of Breakaway


Breakaway Lodge was purchased in 1969 from the Episcopal Church of Oregon. The church had used the building as an educational retreat for young people. Originally known as The Convent of St. Margaret's by the Sea, it was built in 1924 by the Society of Sisters of Holy Names. Each summer, the sisters traveled by train from Portland to Gearhart to stay at the retreat for a period of about ten days throughout the summer. The convent closed down each winter.

Located on the North Coast of Oregon, the lodge sits on a half acre in the middle of the small beach community of Gearhart. Access to the rugged and beautiful Oregon Coast and its sandy beaches is just a short walk away. The beach communities of Seaside and Cannon Beach are in close proximity and are used extensively by groups and for program activities. Accented by large decks and terraced gardens, the lodge has developed into a highly desireable retreat center.


Breakaway Lodge is a year-round property that hosts nearly 1000 middle school campers every summer. The size of the lodge accommodates 66 people in a close community atmosphere. Breakaway is used in the fall, winter and spring by Young Life, churches, school groups and families as a retreat center. Breakaway Lodge has seen many improvements to meet the increasing demand for the facility, while maintaining its original design and atmosphere. Thanks to the long-term involvement of many people, the property has been able to maintain its vision of providing a unique setting for people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!
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Breakaway Lodge
220 Nita Ave.,
Box 2685
Gearhart, OR, 97138-2685

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