For Parents

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What You Need To Know

 If your child is planning a future trip to Breakaway or is
 here right now, we want you to have the information you
 need to rest easy while he or she is away. There are
 many activities at camp in which your child may be
 participating. Whether they are playing on the beach or
 spending time in the game room, their safety is our top


2012 SS1 WK1 (245).JPGWhat To Bring

  • Bedding — Sleeping Bag (or Linen & Blanket), with a pillow.
  • Toiletries — Basic toiletries can be purchased near camp if forgotten.
  • Towels — We suggest one for bathing and one for the beach.
  • Proper clothing - Warm clothing and a rain jacket should be packed any time of year. Closed-toe shoes are required for some activities. Don't forget your bathing suit.
  • Medications - Our medical staff will be glad to help with any special needs. Please call the office or your trip leader.
  • Calling Card — Depending on the rules of your group, cell phones and other electronics may not be allowed at camp.
  • Special dietary needs-We will work with you to meet your dietary needs. Please call the office or your trip leader.
  • Money - The camp store has T-shirts and sweatshirts. Campers may be able to visit nearby stores and concessions with their leader.
Contact Us

Breakaway Lodge
220 Nita Ave.,
Box 2685
Gearhart, OR, 97138-2685

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